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Mini's life is made up of the small things, well done!

With her finely-honed sensitivity and exquisite awareness for detail, she is a superb craftswoman, blending the gifts of the technical expertise with the artisan's eye.

She finds fulfillment in the healing or helping and in giving humble service.

She often downplays her own importance and is modest to the extreme, more concerned with doing the job well than getting the credit.

She enjoys nurturing others by serving them something nutritious or doing a helpful service for them.

She is a perfectionist. When out of balance she often suffers from the princess-and-the-pea syndrome i.e. perceive (and annoyed by) things that others either don't see or may consider very minor.

She cannot rest until the "wrong" is made right!

Her accomplishments

She is an Indian classical dancer. An avid swimmer, horse rider, car racer and much more.

When she cooks, she puts all her love and warm wishes into the food.

Her love and passion are flowers - the art of Ikebana.

She is a licensed beauty consultant and a cosmetologist.

She has home remedies for most minor ailments & shares freely with whoever needs them.

She is beautiful inside and out.

The passage of time has lent her dignity, experience and maturity which can only help to serve others.

(Written by a loving friend)

Wonderful Passage of Time brings experience and maturity


Mini Dhingra Guleria

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